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Pixel Warfare 3

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Pixel Warfare 3 is a flash-based trench warfare game designed for your real war game lovers. The concept of the whole game is to defend your territory and decide if you would attack and conquer another land. With this game, you simply use your left mouse click to deploy your soldiers. With simple commands as this one and a successful strategy, anyone can simply master the game and conquer to win. If you need information about your troops, just hover your mouse to the health status bar. Continue to play the game and purchase more upgrades for your soldiers and fortress to become stronger and invulnerable. Pixel Warfare 3 is set in WW1, where you fight in trench warfare with your enemies. The game is the first of the Pixel Warfare 3 Game Series, followed by Warfare 1944. What you do in this game is you need to maintain an excellent morale level for your troops so they can be more capable to take down enemies when you are out to battle and conquer lands. You need to purchase necessary upgrades to be used on your armor or infantry, and such upgrades will only be possible when you have upgrade points. You can get upgrade points if you consistently win battles each time.

A great strategy in winning such game as Pixel Warfare 3 is to carefully send out your troops and don’t send them in big batches or else. Your troops could get killed especially if they do not have the necessary upgrades yet. If your troops are low in number, they may lose their morale and may not be successful in fighting your battles which could eventually lead to your defeat. Pixel Warfare 3 is an easy game to play. You just need to have the good strategy in sending out your troops and spending your upgrade points wisely. Save up points by winning, so that you can purchase the most important updates. More updates ensure you more chances of winning as your army will become stronger and your defenses harder to infiltrate. If this is your first time to play such game genre, then you wouldn’t have a hard time succeeding, because this is a flash-based game, designed with no complications. So exercise your minds and develop your strategic skills by playing Warfare Games like this one. It’s fun, and it’s easy to navigate around. You can play Pixel Warfare 3 online for free, so visit our site to enjoy this game.